Things I’m Into This Winter

Idea swapping is the real beauty of the internet. So let’s do some of that here and now. And since I didn’t get enough sleep last night and can’t think of a snazzy intro, I’ll just dive right into another “Things I’m Into” post.

Herbs! I’m on an herb kick right now. Not just for cooking but for decorating/crafting. It started with an herb centerpiece my sister and I cooked up for the Thanksgiving table:
.herb table decor.
That spilled over into present wrapping. (Don’t be impressed- I’m not so organized that I’m on top of wrapping gifts this early, I just had a couple presents that needed to be delivered early):
 photo christmasdecor10of11_zpsad5edddc.jpg

I even got my girls into the herb action with rosemary tree/wreath miniatures:

 photo christmasdecor11of11_zps1738a75c.jpg

And I love that they dry so nicely. This thyme is already dried out and went perfectly with our table’s Christmas centerpiece:

 photo christmasdecor8of11_zpsbe290648.jpg

Now onto something less odoriferous; how about chalkboard art. I officially jumped on the chalk art bandwagon:

 photo christmasdecor9of11_zps4c2cc82e.jpg

This was actually a simple project that made my handwriting appear much better than it really is. I simply used the same technique as I did with my pallet art by printing out some script I had found on the internet, rubbing chalk all over the back of the paper, then placing the paper on the chalkboard and using a pencil to trace the art onto the board. If that didn’t make sense you can find more HERE. I used a chalk marker to get a clean look, but you can also simply wet a piece of chalk.

Speaking of chalkboards. This chalk work that my girlfriend put up on her blog is now the background of my phone since I need the mommy reminder every day:

the kind of mommy to-do list i need

And now onto those kiddos I mother. Everyone from my 11-year-old to my 3-year-old has been enjoying these printables:

via dabbleandbabbles
free printable - just add faces! - so fun!

And we plan to get into the Christmas spirit one December morning with these:

via happyhomefairy
Christmas Pancakes

I’m not a baker, but there is something about the cold weather that makes me want to throw on apron and turn on the oven. I’ve made these grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free muffins a couple of times; and they are a hit with the whole family:

via BrittanyAngell 
Blackberry Lime Muffins (grain free, dairy free)

Finally, here’s what my kids are into this winter. They want Santa to be real, so they can ask him for a pompsky. Don’t know what a pompsky is? Check out this bundle of fluff:

in my kids' kids have been begging for a pomsky

They’re wishing for Santa to be real; because they know that when it come to animals in the home, Daddy isn’t quite as jolly as the old man in a red suit.

May you stay cozy and warm and full of ideas this winter!