Things I’m Into This Spring

I know. This is kind of late for spring’s “Things I’m Into”. Over in Virginia, we’re already into the high 80’s on many days. (Bring on the heat after that winter!!!) But technically this is still spring, and that’s the story I’m sticking to.


We’ll start with Parker Clay bags. Honestly we could start and end with it. Move over Fossil.  I’m so excited about this new line of bags that I was actually calling and texting people like a dork when it came out. These bags come straight from the heart of Ethiopia. Not only, are they made the highest quality leather, but they are crafted by the women who now have a sustainable way to feed their families. A total win, win with bags for men and women. And aren’t they GAWR-geous!?!

via Parker Clay

November Shoot Finals 002.jpg


Next is the Salted Caramel Drenched Coffee-Double Chocolate Cake. The taste is worth the long name. My baby sister made it for me, and I think I was actually stomping my foot out of sheer glee while I ate it. It’s gluten free, made with coconut sugar, and tastes like you should be in the closet sneaking it. Off the charts, y’all; off the charts.

via Slim Palate

salted caramel drenched coffee double chocolate cake


We’ll move on to a cutting garden. I didn’t even know what a cutting garden was two months ago. It’s essentially a garden filled with plants that produce flowers ideal for making bouquets. This is brought to you by my mom who got me everything I needed for one for my birthday. She was even quality control for me as I tried to break my black thumb curse and plant it. So far, they are doing well despite certain friends incessantly teasing me about the garden being a ticking time bomb. (You know who you are!) I’m just excited at the prospect of fresh flower bouquets to put in my home.

via Real Simple

Flower bouquets


This necklace from my dear g-friend. I didn’t what I love more: the fact that it is divine or that she knew me so well. I can’t stop wearing it even when I’m just doing laundry.



This article calling me to ditch my cape, think differently about the orphan crisis, and remember that Jesus is the only hero.

via Jason Johnson



Warming my grill up. We practically move dinner time outside as the weather warms up. Making meals like Grilled Green Chicken which was THE BEST grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted (I made it with thighs not drumsticks). The whole Sieb Fam agreed, and the kids were asking for seconds. Score!

via NomNom Paleo




The decorating genius behind the lovely blog Beautiful Protest. Joy and I have been working on a project together, and it has been a creative juice flow delight. Go check out her lovely blog.



Happy Spring, everyone!