Light Fixtures {DIY}

In the post about our family room, I promised y’all two how-to for making or updating lighting fixtures to make them more like pieces of art. When we moved in our home, the breakfast nook had a perfectly nice damask lamp shade over the hanging pendant.


However that was about the extent of my sentiments for it- its was just “nice.” I decided I wanted something a little more special and spent awhile in the hunt for a replacement. Then while browsing my Pinterest feed one day, this one DIY wire globe pendant stopped me in my tracks. I don’t believed in love at first sight when it comes to men, but I’m a hard-core believer when it comes to decor. When you know, you just know. It took me five seconds to be ready for commitment.

As a bonus, it was one of the DIY’s that really works and turns out the way you hoped.

breakfast nook light

family room-3

family room-22

I’m going to let you learn about this DIY from the source. I’m just here to tell you that it was SO do-able. Click HERE to take you over to the Hommemaker blog. With how entertaining his writing is, the rest of this post is going to seem like a snooze-fest.  But if you want to learn how to do a Target lighting hack you’ll have to stick with me and read on.


Target Lamp Hack

Alrighty, here’s how this work: I started with this basic reading lamp from Target.

target lamp


I like the base, but the cheap white lamp shade had to go. I found a wire basket at the vintage store, and laced a strip of burlap through the top edge.

lamp hack-1

With wire cutters, I cut a hole just the size of the bulb socket interior.

lamp hack-2

I didn’t want to cut it too large since the socket shell had to be able to screw in over it and hold the basket in place like a lamp shade. I also used some good ol’ chalk paint to socket shell to add some detail since it would be exposed.

lamp hack-3

And there you have it…

family room-14

That, my friends, is one easy way to add interest to a standard floor lamp.

family room-8