Things I’m Into This Summer

It’s time for another “Things I’m Into” post. But I finally get to do a summer version; and well, you already know that I’ve had a life-long love affair with summer. So let’s dive in.


Concrete Planter Kit

I’m bursting with pride that I’ve actually kept some green things alive this past year. So I was enthusiastic about this little concrete planter kit by Native Cast that I received from Uncommon Goods. The kit comes with everything you need in this little box-planter

The box becomes the cast for the concrete–planter-2

And within 12 hours you have your own little cool planter–planter-3

It even has the seeds included, and now I have some adorable little baby chives coming up in a piece that is as a great little decorating element. You check out some of their other kits HERE.planter-4


Watermelon Mint Salad

This yummy salad has been a staple in our home this summer. As a bonus, it’s a perfect pairing with the Pesto Pea Sprout Salad I posted a couple day ago.


via With Style and Grace


Stain Remover

Summer means grass stains and cherry stains and every other kind of stain. I’ve been using my 3 ingredient stain remover like crazy. It’s this simple- mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda and keep in a sealed container. Use an old toothbrush to rub it into any old stain (even those nasty underarm stains aren’t a match). Be SURE to let it sit for at least 15 minutes and wash as normal. Cheap, homemade, and very effective.


Easy Homemade Sea Salt and Honey Ice Cream

This sea salt ice cream is ridiculous. It conjured up thoughts of Salt and Straw which, if you’ve ever been there, is compliment enough. Best of all, it’s easy to make with four ingredients and no machine required.


via Kitchen Treaty


Local Blogger Meet-ups

I had the chance to go to a DC blogger brunch and rub shoulders with some lovely other local bloggers. It was put on by A Daily Something and Mornings Like These and hosted by the wonderful Sweet Root Village girls (who happen to be two of my secret artsy crushes). A morning that was inspiring, delicious, and wonderfully captured by a Love Knot Photo HERE. (And I was actually able to eat some gluten-free amazingness thanks to Out of the Box bakery!)

blogger brunch


Lime Slushies

We’ve resurrected this family favorite again for summer. It just can’t be beat- fresh lime juice, no sugar or dyes, and my kids lining up for more.

lime slushie


Head Scarves

Because how else can you cover up hair you really just need to wash and look this fabulous. And that geometric shirt– I die.d90106ffe0c8bf4a7c0e49fe76481c09



This lovely little magazine is more like a book a beautiful ideas and photos. The first edition is out and absolutely lovely. You can practically feel your creative juices flowing through your veins when you flip the pages.



Light, Bright Mantles

It was time for a mantle change-up, and I went for light and bright. It makes me happy when I turn the corner into my family room.

P.S. That’s just some oregano in the vase.





Happy, happy summer, everyone!