Bookmark Art

On a family day out in Middleburg, my kids and I both found ourselves drawn to some interesting bookmarks created by artist Felix Doolittle. They loved the fact that a hedgehog was depicted, I loved the fanciful artwork. Immediately I thought of space in their bathroom that could use something to fill it. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I bought the bookmarks and started to brainstorm.

My husband has to carefully park his car next to this kind of stuff, since his wife has a hundred grand schemes about what she is going to with every neat piece of wood she finds.bookmark-1

But in this pile, I found two lovely little pieces of wood taken from an antique window frame I’d salvaged. My gut told me to start here as an idea began solidifying in my mind.bookmark-2

I cut them the same length and sanded the edges smooth.bookmark-3


I decided to stain the wood a dark walnut.bookmark-5


I bought a flat bracket and attached the pieces of wood side by side.bookmark-7

Next I figured out where I wanted each bookmark from the set attached and kept them in place with washi tape.bookmark-8

I used rubber cement on the back of each bookmark to permanently fix them to the wood.bookmark-9

Some heavy books and my oft’ neglected set of weights sat on top of it overnight to ensure the glue could dry with the bookmarks held flat.bookmark-10

The next morning, I removed the washi tape and began painting decoupage over the entire surface.bookmark-11

After giving it 24 hours to dry nice and hard, I added some hanging hardware to the back and hung it up.

bookmark art-1