DIY Geometric Wall Art

There was a wall behind a couch in our front room that I kept eyeing like a tiger scoping out its prey’s habitat. Many a day I’d walk by it with a “you’re next buddy” look in my eye. Back in June I entered  Sweet Root Village’s beautiful space and finally knew what I wanted on that wall. They had a floor to ceiling triangle garland that made me catch my breath a little. And of course I need a photo in front of it…



For the next few months, I mulled the inspiration over in my head trying to decide how I wanted to tweak it to work on that wall. Then one night I sat staring and analyzing that wall. If you’re into the Meyers Briggs test, you have yourself an ENFJ over here- extroverted feeling with introverted intuition- which is another way of saying I may be a people person, but I’m also a huge over-analyzer in my head (just ask my husband who I drive up a wall with all my brain-exploding analyzations). That night I finally had the full vision for what I wanted to do.

So here’s how it worked, first I cut out some old graph paper I picked up in an antique shop and some pages out of an old atlas into two different sized triangles using a template I had cut out of sturdy card stock paper. Thanks to my trusty paper cutter, my hands weren’t even aching when it was done. Then I gathered all these pieces and some thin string.


triangle art-2

triangle art-1


When I had all that ready to go one night after the kiddos were in bed, I did another thing that makes my man roll his eyes, “Hey, hon, I’m just going to finish this project tonight. I should be done in a half-hour or so.”

The man should know to just abandon ship when those words come out of my mouth. A couple hours later I had the wall art finished and a some major glares from my husband who doesn’t like to go to bed without me.

Using washi tape, I simply attached the triangles in a eye-pleasing way, slightly over-lapping some. I decided to keep the triangles that were the same size and material on the same string.

Here’s a back view of how I attached it:

triangle art-10

triangle art-9


As I completed each strand, I tied it to a large stick I found in the woods by our home:

triangle art-8


I hung the stick on nails, washi tape facing the wall:

triangle art-6

triangle art-7

triangle art-5


Cheap to make and unique to look at, this was my kind of art.

triangle art-4


This idea is so versatile, you could use whatever colors work for your space or even whatever shapes you love the most. And, men, if your girl tells you how fast this is going to be… just go to bed.