Beaches and Rare Gifts

Allow me to be an analytical woman for a couple minutes. Think of this post more as an entry in my journal.

There’s something that I’ve learned something about life.┬áMost of your friends are seasonal friends. Now hear me out, this is not a bad thing. These are the people who enrich your day to day life. As your life goes along, you will be close to certain people during certain seasons. This doesn’t mean that you stop being friends or that you don’t love that person for the rest of your days. It just means that the closeness you feel may fade away to make way for another season. People move, situations change, but most of all life seasons change. I look back in utter gratefulness over all my friends. Somehow I subconsciously attract truly incredible people. But for years I dealt with sadness as life drifted us apart. A move to Washington by one, a life change for another…these people will always be dear to me, but we don’t have the day to day contact anymore, and I used to mourn that.

But I’m finally at a place that I realize this is normal and okay. It’s still a treasure to get together with one of them and catch up on all we’ve missed. I can finally rejoice over my friends who are in my daily life now and not hold them so tightly.

I’ve also realized that there is this rare gift of lifelong friends. The ones who grow and change with you. They’re not better people than all your other friends, it’s just that they have some sort of soul tie with you that doesn’t break as seasons change. Somehow they cross the boundaries from friends to family.

This is a rare gift indeed.

One of my rare gifts comes in the form of a girl I’ve known since the moment I was born. Our moms were pregnant together. For years I didn’t realize what a treasure she was;┬ábut in our adulthood, even though she lives across the country, she became the girl I called or texted when I was a ball of tears and just needed someone who understood me. And just to add the cherry to the ice cream sundae, our husbands have become incredible friends that we suspect were twins separated at birth.

This past week, they flew into town and we loaded ourselves and our 7 little people into two cars, made 50 potty stops, and finally arrived at the sweetest little beach house for vacation time with our rare gifts. There were girlish laughs over old memories, tears over deep issues, and long girl talks on the beach.

This is her. And my heart may explode.nags head-5

The next generation of girlfriends-nags head-25

nags head-20

And these two overgrown boys-nags head-12

nags head-14

We wondered if the beach house a few doors down would have been cheaper-nags head-11

nags head-17

nags head-13

nags head-15

nags head-16

nags head-32

nags head-29

nags head-27

Their sweet sister-in-law joined us for a we-all-have-birthdays-in-the-next-month celebration-nags head-21

nags head-22

nags head-28

nags head-18

nags head-19

nags head-26

nags head-3

My dear friends, whether we were close for a season or have remained close over the years, you have salted and seasoned my life. You can carried my pain and laughed in my joy. You are my cherished gifts.