Much Ado About Thirteen

It’s official. The Sieb Fam has a teenager. We wanted to make Isaiah’s 13th birthday a big deal. The big stuff came later, but his actual birthday was a pretty simple celebration-



He knew the big celebration was to come in the form of a camp out with his buddies. His biggest wish was that his best bud, Enoch, who now lives in Maine, could come. We told him that was impossible.

We lied.


As an extra bonus, Enoch and his dad brought along his little brother as a surprise for Elijah.june-0789

photo credit to John Suh for the following photos-



And bacon was on the menu for this manly camp out because duh.


As a final birthday surprise/gift, we sent Isaiah back home to Maine for some more quality time.┬áThen he’ll fly home alone because he’s a old enough, and I’m old enough to be the mother of a teenager.

So I think I’ll go learn the meaning of the word “fleek” now.