The Minion Flood Birthday

Above you can see my ridiculously cute 12 year old. This birthday will go down as one we will all never forget. It turned out to be like the statement you dread: “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want me to tell you first?”

Oh, okay, you want the bad news first. Good choice. I always prefer to go that route as well.

The bad news– We awoke to a flooded basement courtesy the refrigerator water source that broke and proceeded to drip through the basement ceiling all night. Yep, it was just as fun as it sounds.

The good news– The cake. Wow, the cake. My sister Hannah worked her magic to deliver the cake of Elijah’s dreams. I know you want a closer look at the details; so I’ll indulge you.

elijahbday (1 of 14)

elijahbday (3 of 14)

elijahbday (4 of 14)

elijahbday (5 of 14)

elijahbday (10 of 14)

Another “good news” was that all the cousins were there for the party, even my youngest nephew from Alaska. So we were able to get a full cousin/grandkid photo-

elijahbday (14 of 14)

And said nephew produced the cutest photo ever-elijahbday (12 of 14)


In the end, Elijah declared the birthday a success. And I passed out in bed when the whole thing was said and done.

Mommy, out.