Girl’s Room Redo

Decorating is like an outlet for me. It’s invigorating and refreshing. But being on this Lyme treatment and trying to keep a family and some semblance of a business up and running has wiped me out. My down time no longer included any creative outlet, but instead laying in bed with a Ken Burn’s documentary playing on my iPhone. Anyone want to know the details of Prohibition, American Lives, or the West? Right now, I’m your girl.

The girl’s room has been on my to-do list for over a year. I slowly acquired a little pile of items and a vision for the room. So on Labor Day, I knew I would be on a two week break from treatment and conned my husband into repainting the rooms so that I could finally put it all together.

The girl’s were excited to have a “big girl room” and squealed when we did an HGTV-ish for them.

BEFORE- girls room (2 of 3)

girls room (3 of 3)

AFTER-girls room (1 of 7)

girls room (2 of 7)

girls room (4 of 7)


girls room (2 of 2)

girls room (7 of 7)

girls room (5 of 7)