Blog Tour

Join our family of six (one day hopefully seven) as we grown and learn and seek to understand what it means to go about our lives knowing that we actually live twice. There will be good moments and moments I’d rather forget.

I might blog my own thoughts, but if you’re lucky I’ll get someone else to guest blog theirs. Either way, we’re going to try to keep it real.

Photography and decorating are like therapy for me, so you can be sure to expect post involving both.

You’ll hear about how we are in the middle of food revolution at our home since finding out that half of us have food allergies.

Also, consider yourself fairly warned that Ethiopia is going to come up over and over again since we are absolutely in love with that spot on the globe.

My brain is random so you’ll find posts ranging from the death of my nephew, rethinking charity, temporary pets, mommy driving, date nights, gardening woes, brainless moments, tradition making, homeschooling ups and downs, and days of playing the tourist.

Along the journey of motherhood, I’ll have the joy of sharing parenting with a crazy, wonderful man and a faithful God who pursues me and even uses hurricanes to get my attention


photo credit: Yan Palmer